Tennessee Barn (HDR)

Tennessee Barn (HDR), originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. My first real attempt at an HDR photo. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Any HDR experts have any feedback or suggestions for improvement? Thanks!

My Best Studio Portrait Ever?

My Best Studio Portrait Ever?, originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. OK, so technically this is my first studio portrait shot and it was actually taken at Westcott’s lighting booth at Photo Plus Expo. I couldn’t get too close to the model and didn’t have a zoom lens, so it’s not as […]

Energized by Photo Plus Expo

A couple of months ago, I decided to grab a $150 round trip ticket for October’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. The exhibit hall pass was free, so with cab fare, it was less than $250 for a day focused purely on photography. What bliss! I had a great […]

Did Someone Say “Funnel Cakes!”

Did Someone Say "Funnel Cakes!", originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. Does the NC State Fair have anything other than fried food? 🙂