Energized by Photo Plus Expo

A couple of months ago, I decided to grab a $150 round trip ticket for October’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. The exhibit hall pass was free, so with cab fare, it was less than $250 for a day focused purely on photography. What bliss! I had a great […]

Did Someone Say “Funnel Cakes!”

Did Someone Say "Funnel Cakes!", originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. Does the NC State Fair have anything other than fried food? 🙂


Kaleidoscope, originally uploaded by Andy-Beal.

My Friend “Terry”

My Friend "Terry", originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. While taking photos downtown, I caught the attention of this gentleman. He asked me why I was taking photos and if I were taking a photography class or something. I explained that I was just taking photos for my own pleasure. We chatted […]