Cross Roads

Cross Roads, originally uploaded by Andy Beal Photography. The Fagan Memorial Cross was erected in memory of Paul Fagan the San Francisco financier who built the original Hotel Hana Maui. It’s a 30-40 minute steep hike up through a cow pasture. If you are staying at the Hotel Hana, you […]

The Truck Stops Here

The Truck Stops Here, originally uploaded by Andy Beal Photography. When I processed the three bracketed frames into and HDR, I was initially underwhelmed. Then, I applied some tonal contrasting via Color Efex and all of a sudden I had an image that came alive on my screen,


Baywatch, originally uploaded by Andy-Beal. The problem with taking so many photos in Hawaii is that I sometimes forget where in the world I took some pictures. :-/ I *think* this one is from Big Beach. I’ve been testing OnOne’s PhotoFrame software. I don’t want every photo to have a […]

Why You Should Crop Your Photos

The single best thing you can do to improve your photos is to crop them. Often we simply share the picture we took right out of our camera. Most of the time, those photos include areas of “distraction” – debris, people, lampposts etc. By cropping, you focus the viewer on […]