Releasing Stress

Releasing Stress, originally uploaded by Andy Beal Photography. For this shot you’ll need: 1. A tripod. 2. A neutral density filter 3. A remote (or timer) so you don’t move the camera at all 4. A shutter speed of 1 second 5. Software to blur everything except the main subject […]

Where Paradise is Found

Where Paradise is Found, originally uploaded by Andy Beal Photography. Today is national Back to Church Sunday. I suspect more people would be interested in going to church, if it were in a such a beautiful location as this one in Hana, Maui.

Putting on the Ritz…Carlton, Kapalua

Putting on the Ritz…Carlton, Kapalua, originally uploaded by Andy Beal Photography. The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua, Maui is an enormous property. I’m pretty sure we walked over 3 miles during our stay, just between walking from the lobby to our room. Then again, everything is bigger at the Ritz Carlton. The […]

The Secret to Awesome Sunset Portrait Photographs

You know the scene. You. Your loved one. And the perfect sunset. Perhaps on a beach in Hawaii? You grab your camera, hand it to the nearest passer-by, and ask them to take your picture. They oblige, hand you back the camera, and are gone in a blink of an […]