My Friend "Terry", originally uploaded by Andy-Beal.

While taking photos downtown, I caught the attention of this gentleman. He asked me why I was taking photos and if I were taking a photography class or something.

I explained that I was just taking photos for my own pleasure. We chatted some and then he asked me for a couple of bucks for some food.

I immediately thought of Thomas Hawk and how he gives a couple of bucks to the homeless, in exchange for their photo. I asked him if he that sounded like a good trade, and after a few quick seconds, he agreed.

He was a little cautious about giving me his name, but finally offered up “Terry.” Apparently he had just arrived in Raleigh and was looking for somewhere to stay. I suggested the Raleigh Rescue Mission, but he said he had tried there and they were full.

A few more minute pass and we go our separate ways.

About 20 minutes later, I see Terry across the street. He waves and holds up a big bag of chips he had bought with the $2 I gave him. It was almost a gesture of “see, I did actually buy food with the money you gave me.” 🙂

Anyway, that’s the story behind this photo. As you can see, Terry has a big smile and I hope that his fortunes change enough that he has a lot of things to smile about.