How to quickly & easily set up your camera for great Northern Lights photos

The Aurora Borealis photo above was captured on a mirrorless camera & was not edited or processed. This guide will help you achieve the same beautiful shot…quickly and easily.   I have been a landscape and seascape photographer for 15+ years. However, my experience with Northern Lights photography was limited […]

The Secret to Awesome Sunset Portrait Photographs

You know the scene. You. Your loved one. And the perfect sunset. Perhaps on a beach in Hawaii? You grab your camera, hand it to the nearest passer-by, and ask them to take your picture. They oblige, hand you back the camera, and are gone in a blink of an […]

Why You Should Crop Your Photos

The single best thing you can do to improve your photos is to crop them. Often we simply share the picture we took right out of our camera. Most of the time, those photos include areas of “distraction” – debris, people, lampposts etc. By cropping, you focus the viewer on […]

what’s this all about?

As my love for photography has grown, I’ve decided to create a WordPress site to host my photos and–someday–share my photography tips. Seeing as I’m still learning, you should expect more questions than answers. 🙂